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What we do?

Helping businesses in successfully implementing Generative AI and Web3

Since 2017, AI3 (formerly Chain Partners) has been operating nearly every aspect of the Web3 business in Korea, including exchanges, payments, wallets, OTC, research, media, education, mining, node operations, and DeFi.

Additionally, since the launch of its mash-up service utilizing the ChatGPT API in March 2023, it has been continuously introducing the latest GPT models to the Korean market.

AI3 offers a wealth of experience and know-how, gained from being at the forefront of both the Web3 and Gen AI fields, to other companies.


Customized Prompt Engineering for Business

Crafting the perfect prompt is crucial for unleashing the full potential of Generative AI. Yet, mastering this art is a rare skill. That's why we specialize in delivering tailor-made prompts to businesses, ensuring top-tier results every time.

We have developed over 500 prompts aimed at boosting corporate productivity from the ground up, featuring contributions from authors who have penned seminal books on prompt engineering as well as creators of the most sought-after prompt engineering courses. Already, we're supplying prompts to major conglomerates in Korea, marking our presence as pivotal in the realm of prompt innovation.


Prompt Security

Imagine the disappointment of your diligently developed prompts getting exposed to the outside world. We provide a robust security layer designed to safeguard your prompts from third-party extraction in GPTs, tailored corporate LLMs, AI assistants, and more.

We possess unique expertise and experience in extracting prompts from nearly all GPTs, other LLMs, and bespoke AI assistant services, including the official ChatGPT system prompts. We demonstrate the capability to directly extract prompts from your desired sources to our clients. Leveraging this knowledge, we safeguard your prompts from potential threats and attacks.


Generative AI Education for Business

Generative AI has become an irreversible technology that companies ignoring it will inevitably fall behind in productivity compared to their competitors. Nowadays, the competitive edge of a business is defined by who can utilize these newly emerging tools and technologies the most effectively and swiftly. Consequently, education for both the workforce and executives is essential.

Our team is already conducting the most extensive Generative AI education in South Korea. Since 2023, half of the KOSPI 200 large corporations have attended our lectures, and over 4 million people have watched our members' Gen AI courses on YouTube. AI3, which boasts the best AI instructors in Korea, provides customized AI education curriculums for businesses.


Consulting on Generative AI for Business Productivity Enhancement

Although a plethora of Generative AI tools are flooding the market, businesses often don't know which tools to utilize and how to use them effectively to improve productivity. That's why we research corporate workflows and identify opportunities and strategies to enhance productivity by bridging the gap between Gen AI and the nuances of the business environment, and then provide recommendations.


Corporate Web3 Adoption Advisory

Most companies adopting Web3 have never ventured into Web3 before. We serve as the Web3 area partners for such firms, offering our unrestrained expertise of seven years to guide them on which technologies or products to adopt, which partners to choose, and how best to enter specific markets, all in support of their Web3 business success.

We have been advising on over 30 Web3 projects since 2017. Starting from business planning to whitepaper creation, we have supported fundraising that exceeds $100 million, as well as promotion and community building, and listing on the world's top exchanges. With such expertise, we aim to be your sherpa to help you succeed in the Web3 business landscape.


DApp/DeFi Protocols Development

If you require development for DApps or DeFi products based on EVM/Non-EVM blockchain, please contact us. We offer One-stop Dapp Ecosystem development for L1/L2 foundations and provide development services for specific DeFi projects. We are capable of developing all existing Web3 applications.

We are the lead authors of a DeFi research paper issued by the South Korean Government. We launched Korea's first DeFi Lending Protocol, achieving a TVL of $150 million. We also developed notable products like the Allswap Meta DEX Aggregator and Gambit Perpetual DEX. It's rare to find a DeFi developer with a well-known name rather than operating anonymously.


Web3 Project BD/Marketing in the Korean Market

South Korea is a unique market where Altcoins trade in much greater volume compared to major cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH. Whenever a crypto is listed on a Korean exchange, it invariably results in unprecedented spikes in price and trading volume. This is why every Web3 project significantly values the South Korean market. Since its inception in 2017, AI3 (formerly Chain Partners) has become the most well-known Web3 company in Korea and is poised to contribute to the successful establishment of your project in the Korean market.

Since 2017, every Web3 project that has partnered with AI3, formerly known as Chain Partners has invariably garnered significant attention in the South Korean market. These collaborations are covered by at least dozens of media outlets, directly contributing to enhancing the credibility and anticipation for projects within the Korean market. Over the past seven years, we have been the Korean partners for various top-tier Web3 projects such as EOS, Bitcoin Cash, Polymath, ICON, and Worldcoin. Now, it's your turn.

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