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We Are AI3

A sherpa guiding the way to proficiently use Generative AI and Web3

We are widely recognized as a company that has been continually developing over 30 Web3/Gen AI products since 2017. Web3 and Gen AI cannot simply be applied like a trend anywhere and expect success. They must be used effectively in areas that can truly enhance a company's productivity and security to achieve the desired results. Partner with a company that has real experience with end-users.

AI3 is a multidisciplinary team of experts in the realms of Web3 and Gen AI. Our portfolio of services encompasses AI prompt engineering, Web3 product development, and consulting in the AI/Web3 domain, along with educational initiatives. Our team is committed to delivering a suite of exemplary services tailored to the dynamic needs of businesses.

Our team at AI3 has a passion for using technology to solve complex problems. We work with businesses to develop innovative products that meet their unique needs. Our team of experts has a proven track record of delivering successful projects that have helped businesses achieve their goals.

Meet the Team at AI3

Charles Pyo

Founder & CEO

Charles is a renowned Korean entrepreneur who started young with a domain registration service at age 14.


He made notable advancements with a Widget service, peaking at 17 million users and was named one of the <Asia's Top 25 Young Entrepreneurs> by Bloomberg BusinessWeek in 2008.

He created successful mobile apps, including Magic Day and SomNote, and sold his decade-old company in 2015.


In 2017, he raised $12 million for his new venture, Chain Partners. Despite fluctuations in the crypto market, his firm survived numerous shifts and in 2023, pivoted to integrate AI services, rebranding to 'AI3' in 2024.

As a leading figure in blockchain and crypto, Charles was appointed to advisory positions within a presidential committee and the National Assembly, through which he provided expertise on crypto and blockchain policies to both the South Korean President and the National Assembly.

He authored a groundbreaking DeFi ecosystem research report officially published by the Korean government.

Charles Pyo (Founder & CEO of AI3)

Jeehoon Park


Jeehoon brought his expertise in engineering from roles at Samsung Electronics and Hewlett Packard to his work in finance at STIC Investments and Equinox Partners.


His involvement in private equity with Equinox saw him driving significant investment decisions.

Stepping into a leadership role, Jeehoon recorded the highest trading volumes in Korea as CEO at the crypto trading firm Quantrithm.

Before his current role as CPO of AI3, which he started in 2021, Jeehoon also shaped the financial strategies of two startups as their CFO.


His educational background supports his career leaps, with an MBA from the University of Chicago, and both a Bachelor's and Master's in Electrical Engineering from Seoul National University.


These roles have honed his skills in guiding product development and managing comprehensive financial operations.

Jeehoon Park (CPO of AI3)

David Dukjin Kim


David serves as the Chief Strategy Officer of AI3 and the Director of the IT Communication Research Institute.

He is also a professor in the Department of Computer & AI Engineering at Sejong Cyber University and an adjunct professor at the Graduate School of Media Communications, Kyung Hee University.

In 2023, David received the Digital Innovation Award from the Minister of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs, and in 2018, he was honored with a Commendation from the Korea Communications Commission.

David plays an active role in both industry and academia, serving on the Digital Transformation Planning Committee for the Seongnam Industry Promotion Agency and as a Cooperative Director for the Korea Information Processing Society.

David is the author of <AI 2024> which has emerged as a best-selling AI book in Korea, showcasing his capability to forecast and steer the direction of AI development. His dedication to the progression of technology and education marks him as a pivotal figure in shaping the future of IT and AI.

David Dukjin Kim (CSO of AI3)
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