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Worldcoin Orb Operator

AI3 is active as an Orb Operator, aiding in the expansion of Worldcoin, a basic income project co-founded by Sam Altman, within South Korea.


AI x Web3


Decentralized Human Uniqueness Verification Protocol




Worldcoin is developing a novel digital authentication system designed to prove that service users in the era of AI, where deep fake and digital fraud attempts are on the rise, are 'unique human' rather than AI.


As the system needs a broader adoption to be effective, they are currently onboarding 'unique human' onto the protocol by rewarding them with WLD tokens.

AI3 complies with the policies of Tools for Humanity and the laws of South Korea, assisting people to onboard in the safest and most legitimate way possible in aligning with the vision of Worldcoin.

Additionally, as AI becomes increasingly integrated into various aspects of society, inevitable job displacement and a decline in employment opportunities will occur for some people.

In response to this, Worldcoin was launched with the noble and ambitious goal of providing these individuals with an initial form of 'universal basic income.'

AI3 supports Worldcoin's vision and goes beyond being just an Orb Operator, preparing to work alongside the Worldcoin Foundation to develop a more affordable version of the Orb device.

AI3 operates Worldcoin's touchpoints with Korea's premier influencers in finance, technology, and startups. This encompasses coordination at IFC Mall in Yeouido, often dubbed Seoul's "Wall Street," which houses nearly all of Korea's financial entities; Front.1 in Mapo, a breeding ground for a host of Korea's promising startups; and Pangyo, the locale for major Korean tech corporations like Naver and Kakao.

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