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Feeturn is a decentralized cashback protocol. It is the world's first product developed to allow traders to reclaim rewards typically given to referrers in popular DeFi protocols such as GMX, gTrade, and Gambit.








Feeturn is revolutionizing the world of Perp DEXs by reimagining the traditional referral program model. Unlike typical referral programs where referrers earn a significant portion of trading fees through their promotional efforts, Feeturn shifts the benefit back to the traders. By accessing Perp DEXs through links provided on the Feeturn website, traders can reclaim most of the referral cashback that would otherwise go to the referrers. This innovative approach allows traders to enjoy lower trading costs, thereby making the trading experience more cost-efficient and attractive.

Since its launch in late March 2024, Feeturn has facilitated transactions worth an impressive $300 million within its first month. This significant trading volume is a testament to its rapidly growing popularity among traders. Furthermore, Feeturn has quickly established itself as a leading platform, holding the highest referral tier across all the exchanges it supports. By democratizing and decentralizing the referral system, Feeturn is setting a new standard in the Perp DEX ecosystem, benefiting both traders and the broader trading community.

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