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Changer is the first Alliance Crypto shared among promising Web3/AI projects. Originally developed by Chain Partners (the former name of AI3) in 2021, it has been operated by the Changer Foundation established in Singapore since 2024. AI3, remains one of the key partners of the Changer Ecosystem, continually collaborating for the development of Changer.








Changer started in 2021 with the vision to build a 'FX layer for the decentralized world', operating on the premise that the traditional world of forex and crypto would eventually converge. However, in 2023, the direction and nature of crypto underwent a complete transformation due to 1) uncertain regulations, 2) a slower than expected rise in demand for forex outside the US dollar within the decentralized world, and 3) growing concerns over stablecoin pegging following the Terra incident.

Changer is gearing up for a new leap forward under the powerful leadership of Brian Han, who previously led Korea operations at Chiliz ($CHZ) after his experience at GroundX, the company that developed Klaytn ($KLAY). It’s within the embrace of the Changer Foundation that this next chapter is being prepared. All key products of AI3 exclusively utilize Changer. Furthermore, the Changer Foundation is actively working to bring several partner companies, who are creating excellent products but do not have plans to create their own cryptocurrency, into the Changer Ecosystem.

AI3 has been continuously contributing to the Changer ecosystem by developing valuable products such as the official website for Changer and a token vesting portal.

At AI3, we believe that the future of technology lies in the intersection of AI and blockchain. Our team of experts is committed to developing cutting-edge products that can help businesses stay ahead in the game.

We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and develop customized solutions that can help them achieve their goals. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your business succeed.

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