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Altpro is an exchange platform that allows the trading of over 15,000 digital assets issued on more than 20 different blockchains. Crypto trading requires the installation of multiple wallets, and if you want to purchase assets from one chain to another, it continues to involve inconvenient additional time and costs for bridging. Altpro connects over 500 sources of liquidity from around the world, enabling the trade of any assets with just one click.




Altcoin Liquidity Platform




Altpro is an exchange that connects virtually all digital asset liquidity around the world, from CEXs and DEXs to a variety of OTC markets. Due to its many sources of liquidity, it also holds the most extensive selection of tokens unavailable elsewhere. You can even buy any crypto in one place, from tokens launched in the DeFi world just last week to memecoins popular on certain chains.

People are often not as familiar with cryptocurrencies as you might think. However, since Altpro is an altcoin-focused exchange that handles over 15,000 tokens, there is a necessity to provide information on altcoins. For this reason, we have established an Altcoin Research Center with the participation of external researchers and also offer a breaking news feature related to altcoins. Additionally, we provide liquidity to external institutions that require access to rich liquidity for more than 15,000 kinds of cryptocurrencies through our API.

Altpro provides a suite of features designed to assist people in easily discovering 'unknown to you but known to others' Altcoins. This includes Altcoin Research, breaking news related to Altcoins, and at-a-glance information such as introductions, current prices, charts, social links and circulating supply for over 15,000+ types of Altcoins. These offerings are proving to be very helpful for individuals engaged in Altcoin trading.

At Altpro, you can browse through a variety of research articles, breaking news, and altcoin information pages, ready to engage in actual transactions at any time. If a trade occurs based on someone else's research or breaking news, a portion of the transaction fees is shared with the person who posted the research or news.

Altpro allows you to trade and store all your assets using just a single Social account, such as Google. Completing KYC is absolutely necessary for trading, and we strictly adhere to regulations. With Altpro, you can also top up USDC with fiat using a credit card or Apple Pay to trade for other altcoins.

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